Poster campaign of the new taste ‘Raspberri’ vodka of Absolut commissioned by Mothership. The art-work is photographed by Jaap Vliegenthart.

Mothership is invited by advertisement-agency ‘Being there’ to commission dutch, contemporary artists for a topical interpretation of the classic ABSOLUT VODKA bottle. Every piece of art commissioned by ABSOLUT reflects both the vision of the artist and the spirit of ABSOLUT VODKA. ABSOLUT’s work with artists began in 1985 with the commissioning of Andy Warhol. He intoduced the art-themed-advertising program. More than 500 artists worlwide (Keith Haring, Helmut Newton, Damien Hirst) followed. The ABSOLUT VODKA bottle has become an icon of modern design.

The new taste ‘Raspberri’ vodka of ABSOLUT with: Dstruct (Thijs Kelder, Coen Kelder & Michiel v.d. Born). The art-works are photographed by Jaap Vliegenthart.