Self commissioned

Club Wellness is a project of Hipsick, D’buster & Studio Ruwedata. A once in a life time experience! Enjoy our hospitality, lets you control by our wonderful staff which fully dedicate their lives to your enjoyment.

The best way to discribe the atmosphere is an ‘unusual theatre’. By flirting with performance and live art- HipSick aims to induce the audience into the realm of the surreal. Their performances are a play on perception; using their own visually pungent style. Studio Ruwedata worked on the concept and visual design of Club welness. Thijs’ signature style is reconisible in various aspects of the event. The wheel of fortune, hot tubs, cocktail bar, hostesses, pool attendant, nail studio, massage, palm trees, prodent smiles and much more. Whatever you wish for!

Information & Credits
Photography by Ricky Doornbos & Marije van Woerden