Thijs Kelder lives and works in Rotterdam as a graphic designer/ artist and goes by the name of Studio Ruwedata. Since 2006 he works as an artist at the intersection of design, typography and visual art. Coming from the underground- and sticker culture he has earned his name with his spectacular black and white designs. His goal is to bring out the essence of a project and therefore develop a unique visual language.


His recent free works show an ode to the vintage advertisement and neon lettering. Wooden layered objects as a collage of typographical slogans, icons and parts of neon signs. Thijs Kelder works with timeless subjects such as love, vanity, crime and places them in a world of temptations.


Studio Ruwedata is always up for new projects. If you’re after a creative designer who’s not afraid to think outside the box, I reckon I might just be the guy you’re looking for.


Specialising in art projects, design concepts, illustration, graphic design, brand identity & graphic spatial design.

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Studio Ruwedata is always up for new projects. Do you have a question, do you want more information or a free quote? No problem! You can reach me by calling +31 645 308 121 or by using the contact form: