Office Trax playlist
Office Trax playlist is an initiative from Studio Ruwedata, for which I ask a variety of artists, designers and illustrators to put together a playlist of 10 songs that they think would fit well in the/their work atmosphere.


Music is a powerful and universal language that has the ability to enhance various aspects of our lives, including work and productivity. Whether you’re tackling a challenging project, engaging in creative endeavors, or simply trying to stay focused on tasks, the right music can provide a stimulating and supportive backdrop.

Office Trax playlist 08 – Studio Turbo (Raoul Wilke)

Graphic Designer

“I guess every creative is influenced by the music they listen to. But bear with me, could it be that the music picks you instead of the other way around? That unconsciously you pick music that resonates with your DNA and makes you want to move? I do not know the answer but I do know that these tracks fill me with some kind of energy and never fail to make my head bob.

In a way these tracks are all uplifting, driving and with a positive undertone. For me there is a clear parallel with the music I listen to and the work I make. Bold colour use and lighthearted (but striking) graphics often with a friendly message that still is able to make you self reflect. The wold could use more of this kind of energy if you ask me so I will keep doing my part ;)”

Studio Turbo


Office Trax playlist 07 – Kirsten Spuijbroek


“During a residency at the EKWC, I was working on a series of sculptures that demanded intense concentration. The smallest misstep could lead to the collapse of the structures which I was building with wettish clay, with no possibility of repair. Failure was simply not an option. Every day, for weeks on end, I started my day by secluding myself in my studio, wearing headphones, shutting out the rest of the world and immersing myself in the entire oeuvre of Russian Circles.

Thanks to the music playing in my ears, I maintained a high level of concentration for hours on end, ensuring the survival of all my sculptures. This list is a snippet of the music that actively contributed to the “Persist In Being” series of sculptures.”

Kirsten Spuijbroek


Office Trax playlist 06 – Jonas Vorwerk

Multimedia artist

Jonas is interested in working with aspects that are present both in the digital and the physical domains such as multiplicity and modularity. His works frequently explore the ideas of repetition, interaction, chance and change.

These elements are also present in this playlist, from analog to digital and back, synths combined with repetitive drum patterns. Enough to keep you going.

Jonas Vorwerk


Office Trax playlist 05 – Jelmer Noordeman


“A diverse selection of tracks that have inspired me and my work. The selection is based on their different use of rhythm, scale, and their innovative musical intentions. The fascination with the concepts of time, movement, and contrast has always been a common thread throughout my (artistic) life. I am constantly seeking ways to grasp these concepts, to gain an overview of the whole, and to find focal points.”

Jelmer Noordeman


Office Trax playlist 04 – Mr. June


Mr June, also known as David Louf, is a Dutch artist, widely known and recognized for his geometric abstract art and murals.

His playlist ranges from funky African vibes (Tony Allen), to French hip-hop and electronic broken beats by Four Tet. His past as a b-boy can be heard in MC Lyte’s track. The playlist also has some dreamy beats by Bonobo and Madlib to start the working day relaxed.


Office Trax playlist 03 – Michiel Stapel

Art director (animation, visual storytelling)

My music list is the switchboard to my state of mind. When I am working, I have different stages and tend to put on songs that fit the task. For focusing and writing, I like repetitive and instrumental music, such as ‘Canto Ostinato’ and ‘The Dark Side.’ When I am producing, I enjoy listening to dub and tropical music from around the world. Funny enough, when I procrastinate, I tend to be melancholic in my selection.

Music reflects and amplifies my mood; by changing the music, I can artificially set the stage to find my focus again. I find a lot of joy in discovering new music; it is like finding a new piece of myself that I did not know before.


Office Trax playlist 02 – Said Kinos


Said Kinos is an artist who lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Through a background in graffiti and a bachelor degree in Graphic Design, Saïd developed a strong passion for typography and other forms of visual communication.

In this playlist you will find tracks that come by daily in Said’s studio. Music that keeps him focused but also some ‘hype’ tracks to keep going!

Office Trax playlist 01 – Niels Vrijdag

artist/ graphic designer

“As a teenager I was mainly concerned what the music I listened to said about me. Which was mostly alternative rock. One of the things I like most about getting older is that now I’m only interested in what the music says and does to me.

I might be the worst dancer in the world but when I paint I put up the volume and dance all day long. With that in mind I proudly present this soulful, energizing playlist wherein Diana Ross, Beastie Boys and Sun Ra go hand in hand.”

Office Trax mixtape
Office Trax is an initiative from Studio Ruwedata, for which I ask a variety of DJ’s to make a mixtape that they think would fit well in the/their work atmosphere.

Office Trax 029: Dj Okkie

Office Trax mix from the legendary Rotterdam based DJ Okkie! He used all original vinyl records which are sampled and covered a lot.

Office Trax 028: FRE2K

Some oddball workout EBM, New Wave, Synthi, Electro and Proto-Techno in the mix. Ideal if you like it a bit darker on sunny days and still want to move some. Mixed with wax by The Freak With Double E.

Office Trax 027: Beatnologic

Beatno has been DJing for many years. He was part of the TICTOC/ Lowriders crew known for its hiphop & beats events and founded Ghettoblaster Soundsystem nights in Rotown Rotterdam. His main music styles are variations of hiphop and trip-hop but his full range encompasses many styles and genres including UK funky, electro, house, juke and drum and bass.

Office Trax 026: Yay Roon

Office Trax 026 comes from Move Around Sound resident and founder Yay Roon. He is known for his varied sets full of funky tropical world music. For the Office Trax mixtape series he made a mix called ‘Psychedelicatessen del Mundo’.

Office Trax 025: Hans B

Office Trax 025 comes from Hans B, head honcho of Lowriders and Hefty (to name a few). A true connoisseur of experimental electronic music. Don’t hesitate and click play to start a productive day the right way!

Office Trax 024: Li-z

Li-Z is a dutch female DJ and producer, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She has a unique style, combining old and new, raw techno and fierce industrial beats, haunting melodies, breakbeats and oldskool rave mayhem. After one year she made a second Office Trax mix with downtempo triphop beats and instrumental hiphop!

Office Trax 023: Warlock

Office Trax 023 is a really special one. It comes from oldskool veteran Dj Warlock. He has been DJing since 1989, constantly seeking out new music from emerging genres since starting out on London pirate radio (Pulse FM) back in the days of Acid House and Hardcore. Now hosting a weekly show on Kool FM, he is currently immersed in today’s wide ranging Bass Music scene and is behind the renowned Rag & Bone imprint.

Office Trax 022: Oomboi Lauw

This mix was inspired by the “Musique Concrete” movement and the ambient genre as he wanted to create a sound atmosphere  adequate for working, meditating and simply listening. As he mainly work on club or dance mixes strucutured for the body and soul. This time the main focus is on the mind. Its an introspective mix of favorites tracks, from old to new. Transcending generations and decades, from personnal favorites to more recent discoveries and newer artists.

Office Trax 021: Joe Manish

Office Trax 021 comes from Joe Manish. He is known for his varied sets and artist / label specials on Operator Radio. For the Office Trax mixtape series he made a mix with a a lot of trip hop and relaxed beats.

Office Trax 020: Ard Bit

The 20th edition of Office Trax comes from Rotterdam based Ard Bit.

In this mix Ard Bit takes you to a intriguing and dynamic world of electronics, beats, ambient, jazz, noise and sound collages. With every mixtape he asks hisself the question: what story do I want to tell? But as a result, he easily lose hisself in detail. For this mix he tried to focus on diversity and atmosphere to keep it office-proof, whatever that means.

Office Trax 019: Manyfast

“I don’t play much music at work, but I love mixing tunes on my ipad when i’m travelling home by train every day. This mix is a selection of my favorite tracks to easy your mind and recline after a long days work.”

Office Trax 018: Machinecall

Office Trax 018 comes from the mysterious Machinecall from Rotterdam. Expect a mashup of dub vibes mixed with gritty techno tunes.

Office Trax 017: Xzisteh

For this mix Xzisteh decided to switch up from his usual tunes, which are dubstep and grime, to another kind of electronic music from the UK. While he normally don’t really like techno, these kind of producers manage to put all other sort of elements from the likes of dubstep, jungle, grime and create a really nice flow. This kind of flow is exactly what he likes when he have to get stuff done, it doesn’t distract him too much and has these moments that will keep your energy levels up! For this mix Xzisteh decided to get both his vinyl aswell his digital tracks out, which gave the process of recording the mix a nice edge!

Office Trax 016: Atiq

Office Trax 016 comes from Rotterdam based producer and Dj Atiq. He has to say the following about the mix:
“For the office trax series I felt that I could do something different from what people normally hear from me. Progressive breaks is some kind of a guilty pleasure genre of mine which I also like to call “Breakbeat Trance” and I think that it works great listening to while working. For this mix I dove a little deeper into the genre that has been pretty much abandoned since a few years and found some tracks that fitted in nicely. All in all it`s a nice collection of tracks that I personally love and equally work together very well in a mix that helps you get inspired while working behind your computer.”

Office Trax 015: Boi Mesa

Office Trax 015 comes from Boi Mesa; a self taught multi Instrumentalist, producer, vocalist, Dj song-writer… In short an all round creative artist from The Hague, Netherlands. His music is best described as; Commercial meets Alternative/Fire and Ice, a marriage between chaos and order. All carried by an extensive background of worldwide knowledge of music genres. Prepare to hear influences from BossaNova to HipHop, Classical to Techno, Ambient to Punk and so on.

Office Trax 014: Easy B

Office Trax 014 comes from Rotterdam based Dj/Producer Easy B. He’s connected to the infamous ZMK Sound System, Double Cross and Radio Crooswijk crew. This mix is dedicated to all working class zero’s. Keep on strugglin. One love. H.i.p.H.o.p.d.o.n.t.s.t.o.p.

Office Trax 013: Emission

Office Trax 013 comes from The Hague based Dj/Producer Emission. He’s 50% of Industrial Hardcore duo Mindustries.

It’s an eclectic mix with a selection of tracks he loves listening to while working. The mix mostly consists of chilled, downtempo tunes with the occasional peak here and there to wake you up and keep you focussed. Expect some Hip Hop, IDM and other electronics in the blend. The main goal was to create some nice transitions between genres and ultimately just give you something to listen to while slaving away for ‘the man’ and get you through the day…or well, at least an hour of that day.

Office Trax 012: Size

For this special occasion Size selected some of his favorite artists and tracks for a 2 hour journey. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Size was born in Leiden, and he’s still based here and has been a key figure in it’s small, but thriving techno scene. He is the promoter of ‘Decompression’ one of the bigger promoters in Leiden. Size is known for his energetic techno style, but he only plays that on demand now, preferring the broader spectrum now found in his record bags. He knows like no other how to build up the tension in his sets and please the audience with some tight mixing skills. He has released his music at Truesoul records, 100% Pure records, Sleaze records, Tulipa records. His passionate skills brought him to play at events like Awakenings, Extrema festival, Solar festival, Voltt, Timewarp, Sonar (ES) and many more.

Office Trax 011: Li-z

Li-Z is a dutch female DJ and producer, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She has a unique style, combining old and new, raw techno and fierce industrial beats, haunting melodies, breakbeats and oldskool rave mayhem. Her mixing is fast, bold, effective, original, filled with a rare collection of tunes to impress the true underground freak. For this mix something completely different…downtempo triphop beats and instrumental hiphop!

Office Trax 010: Wu

The 10th edition comes from Wu from Rotterdam. He pushes an eclectic blend of club and bass genres like baile funk, vogue/ballroom and hiphop. In this unique mix, Wu provides music for the darker dance floors.

Office Trax 009: Stefan QandA

It’s 1998 when Stefan started DJing/producing and he teamed up with his friends to start their unique brand of free-party: ZMK Soundsystem. His alter ego ‘Stefan QandA is about creating deep atmosphere mixed with uplifting energy, from lush decadent house to fierce dark techno.

Office Trax 008: FFF

The 8TH edition of Office Trax comes from Rotterdam soundboy FFF. FFF is an obsessive vinyl collector. A trip to the record shop, flea market, thrift stores, record fair and the element of surprise that comes with crate digging are most of the times the basic inspiration for a new track. Normally you can expect amen warfare, hoovers, rave horns and tropical vibes with elements of jungle, rave, bubbling, dancehall and gabber. But this mix is different, digi dub vibes!

Office Trax 007: Brutuzz

The 7th edition of Office Trax comes from bass heavyweight Brutuzz. Brutuzz is a well known DJ in the Dutch grime, bass and electro scene. Throughout the years, he has been DJing at different famous venus in the Netherlands, as well as in other places outside of the Netherlands. Besides Djing, Brutuzz also curates his own bass channel on 22Tracks. His mix is packed with heavy electro tracks, both old and new.

Office Trax 006: Freek Fabricius

Freek Fabricius stands for filthy sets in even filthier basements. Being a DJ and organizer of the 030303-parties, Freek excites many acid lover. Freek’s 030303 operates from intimate basements and big venues as a music label and parties. Freek’s style doesn’t know conventions and can’t be placed in a specific box. Freek Mixes Dirty electro, raw acid, sloppy electronics and intelligent techno.

Office Trax 005: DJ+

The 5th edition of Office Trax comes from Amsterdam based Dj+. Those familiar with the more edgy side of Amsterdam nightlife might have grew quite custom with the name DJ+. With an extraordinary sense for receiving new frequencies and a taste for experiment, he fought his way over the years into the Dutch nightlife. A sonic marksman with a history in gigs that is as wide as his musical taste.

Office Trax 004: Coco Bryce

The fourth edition of Office Trax comes from Dj / producer Coco Bryce residing in the south of the Netherlands. His music mainly focusses on Jungle, Skweee, Hip Hop and some 8bit stuff complemented by the occasional Rave tune. He also runs a record label called Myor on which he releases vinyl & digital. With this tape, Coco Bryce explores Jungle, as if we were reliving the 90s again.

Office Trax 003: City Oasis

The third edition of Office trax is taken care of By City Oasis aka Maria van den Berg. You might know this girl from hosting several unique events and parties in Rotterdam, such as Discoflamingo and Mingo, the latter one being a club night focussed on electronic live music.

Office Trax 002: Sun O.C.

The second edition of Office Trax comes from Rotterdam based Sun O. C.. Besides being a real grime connoisseur, Sun O. C. is also one of the guys behind the Progressive Intelligence label and the legendary Skank parties in Rotterdam.

Office Trax 001: Holowave

The first edition of Office Trax comes from Rotterdam based youngster Holowave. Holowave caught our attention with his self released Nightshade EP, which came out early 2016. With a lot of new material to come, Holowave is definitely one to watch out for in the near future. For the first edition of Office Trax, Holowave delivers a grime infused mix with melodic and icy club tracks, which even includes an unreleased track by the man himself!