Studio Ruwedata is the practice of Rotterdam based artist Thijs Kelder.

His style is characterized by a clear signature and references to pop-art, iconography and vintage advertising.

Studio Ruwedata pursues to continuously explore the possibilities of working with various materials such as wood and plexiglass. Recent activities consist of autonomous artworks like Blind Spot and Soundbombing, next to custom made interior design installations for restaurants, cafés, offices and hotels. Have a look at Cafe De Bruine Pij in Breda, for example.

From exhibiting in galleries to decorating one of the most famous skyscrapers in Rotterdam (take a look at this!), Thijs’ creative approach always features striking and strong visual imagery.

By all means, communication is key: Thijs Kelder strives to reveal the underlying story and find the right way to tell it.

“With every new project, whether it’s commissioned or self-commissioned, I will always push the boundaries of what I know. I like trying out new materials and will always think outside the box.”


2020 – Blind Walls Gallery – Het museum op straat

2020 – Hip Hop In je Smoel interview
2019 – REBELZ magazine
2019 – Grote Nederlandse Kunst Kalender
2018 – ELLE magazine
2018 – 365 + 1 Dutch graphic designers, St. Print
2016 – Hip Hop In Je Smoel 2016
2016 – Grote Rotterdamse Kunst Kalender
2015 – Mothership & Beyond
2015 – Algemeen Dagblad – Night Vision
2015 – Eindhovens Dagblad – Black & White exhibition
2014 – Grote Rotterdamse Kunst Kalender
2014 – Opperclaes Viewpaper Issue #1
2013 – Algemeen Dagblad – Royaal portret…
2013 – Algemeen Dagblad – Oranjes kijken uit over Rotterdam

Studio Ruwedata is always up for new projects. Do you have a question, do you want more information or a free quote? No problem! You can reach me by calling +31 645 308 121 or by using the contact form: