Alles is samen in Afri


Typographic painting on the fence of the Afrikaanderpark, which offers a different message from different perspectives (lenticulair).

‘Alles is samen in Afri’ – Everything is together in Afri

Although the space to be painted is very limited, Kelder made creative use of the fact that each bar has several surfaces. The three surfaces that are visible from the outside each have their own design. As a result, viewed from the left corner, the words “Alles is” can be read, whoever walks to the right of the fence sees the word “Samen”, and the text “In Afri” is read from the front. “Alles is samen in Afri” refers to the multicultural Afrikaanderwijk. And to the market that takes place here twice a week, where a large part of Rotterdam South literally converges.

Hiphop in je smoel

Commissioned by Rewriters