identity, illustration, poster, spatial design

ROTATOR highlights an 11-year timeline graphic design and artwork by Studio Ruwedata against recent work that concentrates more on installations and 3-D work / sculptures. Kelder’s recent works of art are laminated wooden installations / wall sculptures that create a collage of typographical slogans, illustrations and parts of neon adverts with the typical Las Vegas-style sign language. The neon adverts that inspire Kelder are characterised by flashing lights and colours. By reimagining these elements in a more sober, black and white context, they assume a melancholy edge. He takes timeless subjects like love, temptation, violence and ageing as a theme. His work has an undeniably humorous edge, but the message has a critical edge, socially.

Photo’s: Roza Schous

During the opening of ROTATOR the beautiful Club Wellness team was ready to entertain you! The people enjoyed their hospitality, and were served and surprised. You may even go home with a fantastic prize which you can win during the repulsive Wheel of Fortune.