Office Trax is the new mixtape series from Studio Ruwedata where different artist are asked to comprise a mix with tunes of which they think are suited for a working situation. While one likes to listen to chaotic jungle, the other likes to listen to unending ambient tracks while working. This is exactly what we want to hear in this mixtape series, the artist’s own vision on ‘work music’. We want to hear what the artist listens to when he or she has to do a large assignment, when he or she is in the heat of the moment because of a deadline or what they listen to when they need to keep their mind at ease. With this approach, we expect a wide variety of mixes, which align with the different needs of the working people.

Office Trax 005 - DJ+

The 5th edition of Office Trax comes from Amsterdam based Dj+. Those familiar with the more edgy side of Amsterdam nightlife might have grew quite custom with the name DJ+. With an extraordinary sense for receiving new frequencies and a taste for experiment, he fought his way over the years into the Dutch nightlife. A sonic marksman with a history in gigs that is as wide as his musical taste.

Don’t hesitate and click play to start a productive day the right way!

Yaleesa Hall – Woodall 0244
Vex’d – Slime
Milanese – Cowboy
Rolando Simmons – Lankheterbulten (Strawberries Edit)
Bass Clef – One Hundred point Three
Milanese – So Malleable (Cold Remix)
Vex’d – Cold
Timeblind – Redemption
The Bug – Skeng (Autechre Dub)
Edge Of Motion – Bar 233
Qoso – Emotional
Wasteland – Sandwood
Aphex Twin – D-scape
Anstam – Cree 1
Objekt – Agnes Demise
Christoph De Babalon – A Bond With Sorrow
Surgeon – Whose Bad Hands Are These? (Disinvectant Dislocated Finger Mix)


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