Office Trax is the new mixtape series from Studio Ruwedata where different artist are asked to comprise a mix with tunes of which they think are suited for a working situation. While one likes to listen to chaotic jungle, the other likes to listen to unending ambient tracks while working. This is exactly what we want to hear in this mixtape series, the artist’s own vision on ‘work music’. We want to hear what the artist listens to when he or she has to do a large assignment, when he or she is in the heat of the moment because of a deadline or what they listen to when they need to keep their mind at ease. With this approach, we expect a wide variety of mixes, which align with the different needs of the working people.

Office Trax 013 comes from The Hague based Dj/Producer Emission. He’s 50% of Industrial Hardcore duo Mindustries.

It’s an eclectic mix with a selection of tracks he loves listening to while working. The mix mostly consists of chilled, downtempo tunes with the occasional peak here and there to wake you up and keep you focussed. Expect some Hip Hop, IDM and other electronics in the blend. The main goal was to create some nice transitions between genres and ultimately just give you something to listen to while slaving away for ‘the man’ and get you through the day… or well, at least an hour of that day.

Don’t hesitate and click play to start a productive day the right way!

Obeson – Drugs
Diagoro – Etch
Rone – Bye Bye Macadam
Autechre – Nil
Dj Krush – D’You Hear That?
Missy Elliott – Wake Up (Instrumental)
The Prodigy – Diesel Power
I Am Legion – Blue Shift
The Architect – Les Pensees
J. Rocc – Stay Fresh
The Architect – L’Usine A Disques
Gasoline- Chicago’s Nites
Bonobo- All In Forms
Blockhead – Night Light
Photek- 124
Blamstrain – Linja
Autechre – Eggshell
Hail Mary Mallon – Breakdance Beach (Instrumental)
The Prodigy- 3 Kilos
Ra-X – The Opium Den (Part V)
Plastikman – Plasticine
Num Num – Footswitch


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